KAM-Engineering service department consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the warranty and service of complex and non-standard equipment for aerospace, aviation, defense and other branches of engineering.


  • Scheduled general inspection
  • Emergency repairs
  • Diagnostics of equipment
  • Geometric test and setting-out of machines
  • Checking and adjustment of accuracy of positioning
  • Dynamic diagnostics and setup of drives


KAM-Engineering group of companies has diagnostic equipment Renishaw:

  • Laser Interferometer XL-80
  • The device checks RX10 rotary axes
  • QC-20 rapid diagnostic system
  • Checking geometric accuracy and alignment of machines
  • Checking and correction of positioning accuracy
  • Dynamic diagnostics and tuning drives

Laser interferometer XL-80

With the help of Renishaw laser interferometer XL80 our specialists can:

  • Perform diagnostics on the running accuracy
  • Identify the causes of poor accuracy, such as ball screws and bearings wear
  • Check the geometry of guides and bed

By means of the Renishaw QC20W sensor it is possible to receive a full-fledged picture of the machine status, bring the corresponding compensations to the СNС and give consultations about elimination of the revealed faults.

Guaranteed accuracy of linear measurements is ± 0,5 mm due to the laser light source with a high degree of stabilization and accurate compensation of the environmental changes. Indications can be read at a frequency up to 50 kHz, with a peak linear velocity measuring 4 m / s and a linear resolution of 1 nm, even at maximum speed. All measurement procedures (not just linear displacement) are based on interferometric method that ensures the accuracy of the recorded data.

It doesn't matter what equipment is used, the machine or a reference system of movements, it is necessary to be sure that it is ready to work, even before the cutting operation, material processing or measurement of details parameters are carried out.

Now it is possible to receive a detailed picture of changes in time of each characteristic determining the accuracy of machine positioning. Renishaw equipment for measurement machines accuracy allows to improve characteristics of the machine due to the proper planning of target maintenance and proper error compensation. Calibration, monitoring and control of the technical state of manufacturing and measuring equipment using recognized methods and systems to ensure template correspondence is one of the requirements of quality standard ISO 9000.

Use of the laser interferometer XL-80 in a combination with the rotary RX10 device for calibration of rotary axes gives a unique chance to carry out COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC calibration of rotary axes of machines and coordinate measurement machines. There are software packages for automatic compensation of linear positioning errors along the axis, compatible with the most part of CNC systems.

Dynamic diagnostics

The measuring system Renishaw Ballbar System QC20-W is used for the measurement of geometric deflections and detection of inaccuracies caused by the geometric features of the machine and servo drive system. The errors are measured by running a series of tests on the machine during which the sensor describes a circular arc or a circle. Slight variations in the radius of this movement are measured by this sensor and recorded by the software.

If there is no deviations, the ideal circle will be reflected on the graph. The presence of any deviations will distort this circle, for example, by addition of curves along its circle and, perhaps, will make it more elliptically shaped.

The option of the volumetric accuracy analysis gives a chance to choose three files with results of tests in three planes, receive numerical assessment of "sphericity", and also general minimum and maximum deviation from the circle. Graphs in this case are shown for each of the three planes in a single window with indication of value for each event of deviation from a circle.

These deviations from a perfect circle reveal problems and inaccuracies in the numerical control, drive servos and the machine's axes. The Ballbar 20 program ranges the revealed machine errors according to the extent of influence on its accuracy, thus it is possible to establish the exact reasons of deviations and using the program of modeling to define possible ways of their elimination.

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