Production of test and non-standard equipment

KAM-Engineering company performs "turnkey" complex works on designing, production, delivery, installation, commissioning, guarantee and service of test and non-standard equipment for the technological support of aerospace, aviation, defense and other engineering industries.

For projects implementation:

  • own design-technology bureau which consists of highly qualified engineers;
  • pilot production;
  • customer service for warranty and post-guarantee maintenance of the delivered equipment;

Features of mechanical closed loop stands:

  • high truth simulation of real loading conditions
  • no requirement for fire and explosion safety
  • low cost of testing works
  • low power consumption
  • low maintenance cost
  • eco-friendly
  • compactability

Test stands for helicopter transmissions

Mechanically closed loop energy-saving stand for resource and technological tests of tail helicopter transmission aggregates.

  • all types of finished product check tests
  • acceptance testing
  • periodic testing
  • a full range of ground-based stands for testing of helicopter transmissions
  • organization of certification tests in accordance with the requirements of AP29, CS29
  • all types of finished product check tests

Hydraulic test stands for aircraft engine units

Hydraulic test benches provide:

  • high truth simulation of real loading conditions
  • automation of the test process on the customer's request
  • high precision of the measurements according to the demanded parameters

KAM-Engineering company designs and manufactures hydraulic stands for testing various components of aircraft, rocket engines and transmission assemblies according to the customer’s specification.

Special processing equipment and accessories

Design and production of special technological equipment for technical projects or customer documentation, designed for:

  • equipment of the assembly plants in production of aeronautical engineering
  • equipment of aviation maintenance and repair engineering centers
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