Information technology

KAM-Engineering Group of Companies, being Solution Partner of Siemens firm, offers software products for production efficiency improvement.

Siemens software

Motion Control Information System (MCIS) is a complex automated modular information management system in production (MES system) from SIEMENS, main goal of which is to increase production efficiency.

Modules included in the MCIS system:

  • MDA module (Machine Data Acquisition) - monitoring of machine operation. The module allows the automatic collection and recording of production data, keeping the history of the production data in the database, making a detailed analysis of production data and their dynamics, automatically calculates the efficiency of the equipment use.
  • PMT module (Part Monitoring and Tracking) - tracking of work pieces and details. Whether for assembly results, production results for entire batches or individual installation parts, all data is neatly documented, constantly available and simple to access. The quality history is seamlessly tracked and statistical evaluations support production processes and enable process improvements
  • PDA module (Product Data Acquisition) serves to register status and process data in your company. The module allows to distribute orders on a production chain, to conduct distribution on free production assets, quickly analyze the degree of order completion and interrelation with planning systems and top level resources of the entity (ERP).
  • DNC module (Direct Numeric Control) – is a CNC program management. The module performs centralized management of CNC programs, differentiation of access rights for work with the CNC programs, control and version management of CNC programs, comparing versions of the CNC programming and automatic detection of changes, the possibility of transmission to machines other files (settings adjustment, operational maps, explanation, drawings ).
  • TPM module (Total Productive Maintenance) is a system of maintaining and improving the integrity of production and quality systems through the machines, equipment, processes, and employees. The module carries out planning of the schedule of warrant of fitness’ and check of the equipment, reminds of the next warrant of fitness’ approach, logging of the work performed.
  • TDI module (Tool Data Information) is a function block of the Motion Control Information System (MCIS) for visualization of the tool stock and timely provision of the necessary tools at the machine. The module provides planning and operational management of the tool, interaction with systems of tool preparation, synthesis of the plan for the tool on MP (managing program), identification of the tool on barcodes, accounting of the actual tool operating time, statistical analysis and forecasting of the tool requirements based on TDI module.

Software of KAM-Engineering company

  • "Black Box" module - logging operator actions and operating parameters of CNC machine for CNC systems by SIEMENS Sinumerik. The module logs all actions of the machine operator, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators and key parameters of the CNC machine tool system to view and analyze the chronology of events and actions of the СNС operator.
  • Monitoring and control module is available for machines with CNC based on password-free authorization. The module enables identification of workers interacting with the equipment for the electronic badges or fingerprints, automatic control of access rights to the CNC system, fixing the place and time of the operator authorization. It is possible to block the work of the machine without operator authorization.
  • Video recording module of operator’s CNC machine system panel. The module registers the settings of the machine, tool options, editable control programs, the basic parameters of the machine in automatic, manual and command modes, the CNC messages to operator about failures of the machine subsystems and operators’ tricks to create illusion of work.
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